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Site Name: BitBink
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Network: Bitcoin
Founded: 2015
US Players Accepted: Yes
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Full Review

BitBinkOne of the most sought-out Bitcoin games to date is Bitcoin lottery. By delivering delight, heart-pumping anticipation, and instant Bitcoin winnings, this game captured the hearts of almost every online gambler.

BitBink is no ordinary Bitcoin lottery. This innovative platform has taken the Bitcoin lottery games up a notch by majorly tweaking the core of essence of the game.

Players do not need to wait for long hours or even weeks just to know game results since this venue lets players generate their own draws at any time through its unique lottery scratch cards.

Moreover, BitBink establishes its anonymous betting environment by allowing players to instantly place their bets without the need to register for an account. This website charges no payout and house edge fees, which is definitely a giveaway to bettors.

Moreover, every generated ticket is connected to the website’s provably fair feature to assure gamblers that the system is fair and transparent.

Lottery Scratch Cards

BitBink’s defining quality is its exclusive lottery scratch cards. These cards functions as medium for players to determine whether they won a prize or if they hit the jackpot. This is extremely similar to that of brick-and-mortar scratch cards.

To win, players only have to deposit bitcoins to the website in order to buy a ticket. Take note that available on this site are a variety of cards that come with different chances of winning.

The Microbink card is the cheapest among the four cards provided. This costs only 0.001 BTC and carries a 20% chance of hitting the prize of 0.002 BTC, along with the 20% chance of winning 0.004 BTC. In addition, owners of this card rolls from 0 to 9999 for the jackpot.

The Millibink card comes second and it costs 0.005 BTC only. This card has a more lucrative set of prizes since it gives a 20% chance of winning 0.1 BTC and a 10% margin to hit the 0.02 BTC. When it comes to the jackpot contribution, it provides players with rolls from 8000 to 9999.

Next in line is the Megabank card, which costs 0.2 BTC. Buyers of this card are granted with a higher winning rate since it gives out a whopping 40% chance to win 0.04 BTC. Also, it rolls from 9500 to 9999 for the jackpot.

Finally, the Xtrabink card or what others call, the ultimate scratch card. Although this card does not offer any consolation BTC winnings, it rolls 9800 to 9999 for the jackpot, which in essence has the highest winning rate on the jackpot.


Apart from easily winning bitcoins, BitBink banks a jackpot prize. In spite of its reverend status, winning the jackpot is fairly simple and easy. Players can easily win the jackpot at any time, provided that they roll a 9999 on their card.

Considering that this Bitcoin lottery site is freshly introduced to the market, its current jackpot prize is 1 BTC. However, the website has announced that as their program moves forward, their jackpot is certain to increase its prize.


With its innovative platform and rewarding winnings, it is clear that this it has definitely reinvented the field of lottery games. Given that these advancements are further developed, it is safe to say that BitBink will be among those that will help improve the Bitcoin gambling industry.

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