How to Play Lottery

If you have been wondering how to play lottery by using Bitcoins, then this is where you will get all the answers. Playing a Bitcoin lottery on a casino is just like playing any other lottery in the real world. You choose a number that you want, buy the ticket, and wait for the draw. Leave everything to your luck and be positive. There are several lottery casino brands online and their way of operating may vary.

One of such games you need to try is the Lotto game.

You can play lotto twice a week and make a draw on every Wednesday and Saturday. It only costs £2 per game play, and you get to enter the raffle draw. The draw guarantees that in each draw, there will be 50 winners, and each winner can win as much as £20,000.

How to Play Lottery

Here are some simple steps you need to follow:

  • Select any six numbers between 1 and 48. You might want to try the Lucky Dip if you want a random selection.
  • Choose the number of lines you’d play. Each slip offers seven lines of numbers, and you can buy up to ten slips at one time.
  • Choose the draws and decide for how many weeks you would like to play the draws. You can opt for eight weeks in advance, or you can choose the Direct Debit option, in both cases you will get a unique raffle number

Lotto raffles begin with four alphabets that spell a color and eight numbers follow. Lotto raffle draws happen on the same day you enter a lotto raffle. If you play a line of lotto numbers for a single draw or for a week, the same raffle number works for the draws.

Lotto is available online daily, from 8am to 11pm; however, the ticket sales close between 7:30pm and 9:00pm on Saturdays and Wednesdays. This is because draws happen in the evenings. Therefore, make sure you buy the tickets before 7:30pm on these two days.

What You Win

You goal is to match six main numbers to be a winner. Once you do this, you hit the jackpot. Sometimes, there is more than one winner. When this happens, the winners have to share the prize equally among them. If you match three numbers, you win £25.

Here is a summary of how the wins are for your reference:

Prize Categories   or Matches         Prize
3 numbers           £25
4 numbers Approximately £100
5 numbers plus Bonus Approximately £50,000
5 numbers Approximately £1000
6 numbers       Jackpot
Lotto raffle Guaranteed £20,000†


Just like in other Bitcoin sports betting games, based on the number of matches made, your prize varies. The good news here is that when you play you are sure to win. The trick here is to buy more tickets so that it can increase chances of having your numbers in the draw.

Since Bitcoins have become very famous on online casino games, you can play the lotto game using Bitcoins. Now that you know how to play lottery and you must have a Bitcoin wallet by now, there is no need to wait. Try your luck and win the lotto game!